ESTER featured on Heritage Radio's Beer Sessions podcast

This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is diving into the world of flavor intelligence. On the show are Jean van Damme from ESTER in Belgium and New York; Suzanne Schalow from Craft Beer Cellars and Trinktisch in Belmont, MA; and Emily Hutto from RadCraft. 

Jean kicks off the show by introducing us to ESTER, which uses flavor intelligence to help inform producers, retailers, and consumers. Understanding flavor is an individual experience, and ESTER helps retailers navigate consumer’s preferences to find the exact beer for them. From a retailer’s perspective, Suzanne explains how ESTER also helps build loyalty and trust with her customers, which has accelerated Craft Beer Cellars to launch multiple stores, and most recently, Trinktisch. Finally, Emily wraps up the show with one final shout out to ESTER, which has helped retailers and producers boost profit and trust while also helping people find their perfect beer.

Listen to the podcast here:

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