Cartamundi group wins the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence’ 2020

Cartamundi was awarded the Belgium Ambassador of the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence®’ 2020 this evening. For seven years now, this prestigious prize has been awarded the most exemplary family businesses in Belgium by EY, in association with FBN Belgium, Guberna, BNP Paribas Fortis and Mediafin. The jury, chaired by Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group, elected Cartamundi as ambassador. The two other finalists were Lannoo and Stadsbader.

EY has organized the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence®’ since 2014. The award highlights family businesses that excel in corporate governance, within the family and the business, in their vision and the upholding of family values and in the transmission of entrepreneurship between generations. Communication, sustainable growth and social engagement are also key criteria which the jury takes into account in conferring the award.

The five-person jury, made up of representatives from the Belgian business and academic worlds, judged that Cartamundi responded best and in the most balanced way to all the criteria.

“Family businesses are and remain a key feature of the Belgian business landscape. The enterprise bug passed on from generation to generation is something really special. We want to highlight that with this award. However, we see the award as a guide to best practices.”, commented Eric Van Hoof, partner at EY and Family Business Leader. In family businesses, knowledge and experience tend to be passed from generation to generation. That’s all well and good, but we also want to encourage family businesses to share their experiences and best practices with competing colleagues, in the areas of corporate governance and social engagement, and the transmission of the desire of entrepreneurship”, explained Eric Van Hoof.

Guido Vanherpe, CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group (2016 winner) and chairman of the jury, shed more light on the choice of Cartamundi: Cartamundi embodies all aspects of being a worthy ambassador of the Family Business Award of Excellence. The company exudes the passion, courage, and values ​​of a true family business, built by 2 separate families, each owning 50% of the shares, and consciously having the company run by professional non-family CEOs / managers and this also want to have it done this way in the future. It is a wonderful family business that has become a world leader in its industry, not only thanks to strong growth and bold acquisitions in several continents, but also thanks to smart technological innovations that have enabled digital acceleration in the rather conservative playing cards sector.

Cartamundi now joins the international club of family businesses which have won the trophy in the 25 countries in which EY organizes the award.

About Cartamundi, Belgium ambassador of the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence®’ 2020

Cartamundi was founded in 1970 when the then family shareholders of Brepols and Van Genechten decided to join forces for the production and commercialization of playing cards, a market in which they had previously operated separately. Thanks to selective acquisitions, Cartamundi is today the market leader in the production of playing cards and board games with 13 factories and 15 sales offices, with products sold worldwide. The company is still owned by the two founding families and led by an outside management team. The group achieved a turnover of € 465 million in 2020 and employs 2,500 people.

List of Belgium ambassadors of the ‘Family Business Award of Excellence®’

Cartamundi is the seventh award winner on the already impressive list in recent years, joining Duvel Moortgat (2019), Sipef (2018), Vandersanden Group (2017), La Lorraine Bakery Group (2016), Reynaers Aluminium (2015) and Cosucra (2014).



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