Belgian Boys supports COVID19 vaccinators nationwide with Frontline Impact Project

Belgian Boys, alongside goodies from Glossier, Inc., La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Lenny & Larry's, Tony's Chocolonely, Purely Elizabeth and so many other greats, is joining KIND Foundation and its Frontline Impact Project to bring quality-of-life goods to volunteers helping Americans get vaccinated.


Frontline Impact Project, a social impact platform started by The KIND Foundation, today announces a robust effort to get quality-of-life goods to volunteers helping Americans get vaccinated. The platform, which mobilizes companies to support frontline workers in need, is directing food, beverages, and personal care items to vaccination sites, including some of the nation's largest. Over the next month, nearly 250,000 products will be sent to eleven states and Washington, D.C., and as vaccination efforts expand so too will resource allotments.

In total, twenty-six companies have joined Frontline Impact Project to support the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, National Guard and everyday people working around the clock to run vaccination operations. Since its founding, Frontline Impact Project has engaged 80 companies across a variety of industries. The corporate movement appears to have staying power, as frontline workers' sacrifices have been brought to the forefront during a pandemic that has left many stressed, fatigued and in need of a morale boost.     

Bill Creelman, the founder and CEO of Spindrift, maker of sparkling water with real fruit, says, "At Spindrift, community is at the center of everything we do, so we're thrilled to contribute to the Frontline Impact Project. We hope our beverages will be a refreshing bright spot in the day of frontline workers who are so selflessly dedicating their time and energy to help."

Frontline Impact Project has involved a myriad of on-the-ground partners, including state and county health departments; regional healthcare providers; nonprofit organizations; and primary care associations, to ensure products are distributed equitably and efficiently. One partner, Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE), a crisis relief non-profit organization, is operating fixed and mobile vaccination sites, including a megasite at Dodger Stadium.

"Our staff has been fighting tooth and nail for nearly a year to protect our communities during the pandemic, so we are extremely grateful for any opportunity to show them our appreciation," said CORE co-founder and CEO Ann Lee. "We are blessed to have the Frontline Impact Project's recognition and platform to support our incredible frontline workers who deserve to be rewarded for their hard work."

Other partners include the City and County of San Francisco; Illinois' Cook County; Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston, Texas; the City of Baltimore; Atrium Health and StarMed Healthcare in Charlotte, North Carolina; CIC Heath in Cambridge, Massachusetts; The University of Alabama at Birmingham Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama; and NYC Health + Hospitals and the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, with a footprint across New York City's five boroughs.    

Daniele Baierlein and JL Paniagua Valle, Co-Executive Directors of the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, explain why support from the business community is meaningful, saying, "The frontline workers who serve day and night to bring this pandemic to an end deserve our material support in addition to our praise. We commend the companies that have joined Frontline Impact Project. This demonstration will no doubt encourage others to help those who sacrifice so much for the safety and health of our communities."

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND, whose team started Frontline Impact Project last April, elaborates, "Those operating our nation's vaccination centers join the body of frontline volunteers selflessly working around the clock to overcome this pandemic. We owe them our gratitude and support. I hope that Frontline Impact Project inspires more companies to realize the impact we can have when we mobilize our resources and, together, deliver them to those in need."

In addition to Spindrift, the following companies have joined the effort:

  • Belgian Boys, which will donate waffles and sweet treats;

  • EDEN BodyWorks, which will donate natural hair and body products;

  • eos, which will donate skincare products;

  • Ferrara, which will donate confections and sweet snacks;

  • glossier, which will donate skincare products;

  • Huron, which will donate vegan and cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner;

  • IMAGE Skincare, which will donate skincare products;

  • Kabaki, which will donate bottled tea;

  • Kate Farms, which will donate plant-based meal replacement shakes;

  • KIND, which will donate healthy snack bars;

  • La Colombe, which will donate coffee;

  • Läderach – chocolatier suisse, which will donate a variety of artisanal Swiss chocolates;

  • Lavido, which will donate therapeutic foot cream;

  • Lenny & Larry's, which will donate protein cookies;

  • Mars Wrigley, which will donate gum, mints, chocolate and fruity confections;

  • Mary's Gone Crackers, which will donate Original and Super Seed Crackers;

  • Mary Kay Inc., which will donate hand sanitizer;

  • Mighty Gum, which will donate immunity supporting chewing gum;

  • Over Easy, which will donate breakfast bars;

  • Purely Elizabeth, which will donate oatmeal cups;

  • RISE, which will donate nitro cold brew coffee;

  • Sakara Life, which will donate organic snack bars from its super bar collection;

  • Simple Mills, which will donate Soft Baked Bars and Almond Flour Crackers;

  • Sunrise Office Services, which will assist with logistics and delivery;

  • Tony's Chocolonely, which will donate fair trade chocolate.

To date, Frontline Impact Project has helped companies donate more than six million products. In addition to vaccination sites, it continues to support healthcare and emergency response groups nationwide. To learn more, visit



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